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Enhance Your Performance with Robust Undercarriage Components and Superior Motion Control.

Our Undercarriage Components

Explore our wide range of Caterpillar undercarriage components, designed to meet various needs and reduce the ownership costs of your machines.

Trains de roulement CAT HDXL avec Duralink

CAT® HDXL with Duralink

Heavy Duty Extended Life

Opt for the most robust undercarriage components on the market with up to 40% longer life than conventional Heavy Duty undercarriage components.

With special heat treatment, reinforced links, and a Positive Pin Retention (PPR) system, CAT HDXL undercarriage components with Duralink are the ultimate solution for large machines and the most demanding applications.


Heavy Duty

CAT HD undercarriage components are the industry benchmark for machines operating in tough or moderate conditions.

Trains de roulement CAT Heavy Duty
Trains de roulement CAT Abrasion

CAT® Abrasion

An Innovative Range of Undercarriage Components

CAT Abrasion undercarriage components are designed for highly abrasive and low impact applications, offering extended lifespan through special features.

  • Sealing system for extended life
  • Rotating bushings for balanced wear
  • Sprockets with center ridge for optimal alignment
  • Increased operator comfort and reduced noise
  • Extended maintenance intervals for high profitability


General Duty

CAT GD undercarriage components are ideal for low to moderate impact and abrasion applications, offering an economical solution without compromising on quality.

GD components are interchangeable with HD undercarriage components, simplifying repairs if needed.

Trains de roulement CAT GD

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Reliables and adaptable to your needs, Caterpillar undercarriage components are your allies for exceeding your limits!

A Comprehensive Range of Additional Services

In addition to providing high-quality undercarriage components, we offer a range of complimentary services to assist you in selecting the right undercarriage and optimizing its performance.

Système de gestion d'usure CAT® CWMS

CAT® Wear Management System

Cat Wear Management System

Our qualified technicians and PSSRs provide you with a free CTS inspection service using the latest ultrasonic measurement devices and advanced applications to measure wear rates of your undercarriage components and probable change dates.

This free service that our teams can perform on-site or in the workshop will also allow you to make necessary adjustments in time before incorrect settings cause major damages. Moreover, they will help you better plan changes to your undercarriage components and avoid extended downtime of your construction equipment.

CAT® UC Assurance

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

In addition to the standard warranty that covers all types of CAT original undercarriage, they also benefit from an assurance program based on the type of undercarriage, compensating customers in case of leakage or premature breakage.

CAT UC Assurance

Contact our Tractafric experts

Discover the ideal standard or custom undercarriage solution for your machine by contacting our team of specialists. They are ready to assist you in overcoming your daily challenges.

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