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CAT® Ground Attack Tools:

Ready to tackle the most demanding tasks with CAT tools.

CAT® Ground Attack Tools: Performance and Quality

Discover a comprehensive range of CAT ground attack tools suited for all machines, sizes, and applications.

In compliance with CATERPILLAR quality standards, our tools are more than just metal; they are designed components to safeguard your equipment and enhance efficiency.

Whether it's a bucket tooth, a cutting edge, a point, or a tricone, CAT ground attack tools remain the undisputed benchmark in the market.

CAT® Bucket Teeth: Performance and Diverse Selection

Find the perfect tip for your buckets based on machine, application, and budget.

CAT Advansys: Innovation and Performance

CAT® Advansys: Innovation and Performance

Discover CAT® Advansys tips with CapSure retention system, exclusive design, and optimal wear profile for demanding applications.

Wide selection with 15 tooth profiles and 11 sizes (CA70 to CA230).

CAT K-Series: Efficiency and Simplicity

CAT® K-Series: Efficiency and Simplicity

Choose CAT® K-Series bucket teeth with special design and vertical locking system for quick installation and effective retention.

Diverse selection with over 13 tooth profiles and 8 sizes (K-80 to K170).

CAT J-Series: Reliability and Durability

CAT® J-Series: Reliability and Durability

Opt for CAT® J-Series with simple horizontal pin and retainer, known for durability and unmatched performance.

Wide selection with various sizes (J250 to J800) and profiles.

CAT GD-Series: Versatility and Economy

CAT® GD-Series: Versatility and Economy

Discover CAT® GD-Series teeth designed for small to medium-sized excavators and loaders, offering excellent value.

Diverse selection with 3 profiles and 5 sizes (J250 to J460), compatible with J-Series adapters.

Ripper Teeth and Shank

Ripper Teeth and Shank

Performance and Diverse Selection

Choose CAT® teeth for your bulldozer or grader shanks and rippers, with a wide range of profiles and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Grader Blades and Bull Blades

Robustness and Adaptability

Discover CAT blades for graders and bulldozers, made of DH2 or DH3 steel with anti-abrasion material for some references. Choose from multiple profiles and configurations to fit all applications.

Grader Blades and Bull Blades
Special Wear Protection Products

Special Wear Protection Products

Protection and Durability

Choose from our wide selection of CAT shielding products designed with anti-abrasion materials to protect your buckets, blades, and components in contact with abrasive materials. Variety of shapes for secure attachment.

Milling Machine Picks

Performance and Versatility

Optimize your milling machines, cutters, and hydraulic saws with our extensive range of CAT tungsten carbide picks. Compatible with various machines, these picks ensure reliable and durable performance.

Milling Machine Picks
Tricone Bits for Drilling

Tricone Bits for Drilling

Depth and Efficiency

Dig deeper and more economically with our extensive range of CAT tricone and DTH (Down The Hole) hammers. Opt for CAT performance and quality for your drilling projects.

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