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Optorg Ethical Charter and Anti-Corruption Policy

As a major player in specialized distribution in Africa, the Optorg Group has chosen to conduct its business in a responsible manner, in strict compliance with international regulations, and by aligning its commercial practices with the values of integrity, professional ethics, and loyalty. The Ethical Charter, the Business Ethics Code of Conduct, and the Anti-Corruption Policy form the pillars of the Compliance framework within the OPTORG Group. These documents define the principles and standards applicable to Compliance and are translated into operational procedures, allowing for a common understanding of the Group's Compliance guidelines, intended for employees, third parties, and business partners.

Ethical Charter of Optorg and Anti-Corruption Policy

Optorg places equal importance on the goals to be achieved and the way to achieve them. With this conviction, the group has established an Ethical Charter applicable to all employees, summarizing the principles that should guide them in their activity (respect for the individual, respect for trade rules, respect for company property...), and a framework to ensure its dissemination, understanding, and compliance.

The OPTORG Group has adopted an ethical charter approved by its Board of Directors and Executive Committee to define the principles of conduct to be followed in compliance with applicable regulations and in line with the ethical and responsible commitment of the Group to its shareholders, customers, partners, and employees.

This charter applies to all executives and employees of the Group, and is applicable to all its components, in all locations, and for all its operations.

Download our Optorg Ethical Charter

Download our Anti-Corruption Policy

Ethical Charter of Optorg and Anti-Corruption Policy

Principles of the Optorg Ethical Charter


Respect for the individual


Respect for company property


Respect for trade rules


Respect for competition law


Respect for integrity rules

Ethical Alert System

Ethical Alert System

The OPTORG Group's ethical alert system allows employees and third parties linked to the Group or its subsidiaries to report in accordance with the "Sapin II" law of December 9, 2016, relating to transparency, the fight against corruption, and the modernization of the economic life, and the "Duty of Vigilance" law of March 27, 2017, relating to the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies.

Witnessing an Act of Corruption, Money Laundering, Fraud, or a Conflict of Interest?

To report any witnessed non-compliance situation, the OPTORG Group has established a free, secure, confidential, and accessible 24/7 system*:

through the platform

or by calling the number

+33(0) 1 75 85 96 55

code: 1919

* An internal system independent of the OPTORG computer network managed by an external provider; Exchanges respect the choice of declarants if they have chosen to remain anonymous; The collected information will be processed in accordance with the current GDPR rules; declarants can contact the Chief Compliance Officer at any time for further information:

Ethical Alert System

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