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Lubricants CAT®

Superior quality for the longevity of your machine.

Our CAT® Oils and Greases

Drastically Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

Optimize your machine with our CAT® oils and greases specially designed to extend change intervals and protect your components. Our products meet the highest standards and resist oxidation, ensuring consistent performance in various applications and environments.

Optimize Your Performance with the Right Fluids

CAT® fluids are designed to maximize the return on your investment.

Use our comparison tool to find the ideal fluid for your equipment.

Check out product information and order your Cat fluids from Tractafric Equipment.

Find the Right Fluid

Discover Why CAT® Fluids Outperform the Competition

The superiority of CAT® fluids is built on three key elements.


CAT® oils are the result of advanced research conducted by seasoned experts and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Manufacturing and Testing

Certified by CAT® after rigorous testing, CAT oils are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


CAT® oils use carefully selected base stocks and additives from industry leaders.

Efficiently Protect Your Machine

Our oils, in conjunction with CAT® filters, ensure optimal protection against premature wear of essential components of your machines (engine, pumps, distributors, gearboxes, reducers, axles, etc.).

Discover Our Solutions

Maintain Optimal Equipment Performance

Optimize Your Equipment Performance

Using CAT® oils ensures optimal performance for your machines.

Extend Equipment Lifespan

CAT® oils contribute to extending the lifespan of your machine's components, ensuring their longevity.

Reduce Operating Costs

CAT® oils offer longer drain intervals, reducing your maintenance expenses.

Minimize Environmental Impact

By extending fluid lifespan through CAT® oils, you reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

CAT® also offers biodegradable oils for special applications.

Contact our Tractafric experts

Find the solution that best meets your machine's lubricant needs by contacting our team of specialists. They are ready to assist you in overcoming your daily challenges.

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