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CAT® Filters

A Clear Difference. Choose the Unmatched Robustness of CAT® Filters.

CAT® Filters

Maximize Your Machine's Performance with Caterpillar Fuel Filters for Superior Results

CAT filters are the result of in-depth research and development, ensuring optimal protection for sensitive components of your machines (injectors, pumps, transmissions, etc.).

Using genuine CAT filters guarantees the long-term reliability of your machines, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Advantages of CAT® Filters


Aluminum Filter Head

CAT filter heads are made of aluminum, eliminating contamination and providing better resistance to heat and vibrations, ensuring a secure fit.


Acrylic Pleat Seams

CAT filter pleat seams are made of acrylic to maintain pleat integrity, maximizing filtration surface area and filter efficiency.


Spiral Reinforcement Band

CAT filters feature a fiberglass spiral reinforcement to prevent pleat flexing and enhance particle retention.

Advantages of CAT® Filters


Molded Urethane End Caps

The filtration media is molded into urethane to prevent contaminants from reaching the clean side of the filter.


Non-Metallic Center Tube

CAT filters have a center tube made of a special composite material for better strength and resistance to deformation.


Robust Casing

CAT filter casings are the thickest in the market, withstanding high pressures and challenging conditions.

Filters for All Brands

Experience the benefits of CAT® filters even on your non-CAT® machines. Some of our CAT® filters are interchangeable with other brands.

Find the Reference for Your Machine

The Manufacturing Process of CAT® Filters

Discover how Cat filters are manufactured at Advanced Filtration Systems Incorporated in Champaign, Illinois. Our advanced process ensures quality design and maximum protection for your equipment.

Contact our Tractafric experts

Find the ideal solution for various filters for your machine by contacting our team of specialists. They are ready to assist you in addressing your daily challenges and ensuring optimal performance for your equipment.

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