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Batteries CAT®

Ensure Reliable Performance of Your Equipment, Even in the Most Demanding Environments.

CAT® Batteries: Reliability and Performance

Rely on a Trusted Battery for Optimal Performance

Construction machinery often operates in demanding environments, exposed to vibrations, dust, cold, and impacts. Without the support of high-quality batteries, starting these equipment can become challenging, contrary to your expectations.

To ensure uninterrupted availability of your machinery, even in the harshest conditions, Caterpillar offers its customers CAT PHO (Premium High Output) batteries.

Recognized as among the best in the market, CAT batteries are designed to rigorous specifications, providing a longer lifespan compared to other available batteries.

CAT® PHO Batteries: Exceptional Durability and Reliability

The Strongest and Most Reliable Batteries in the Market

Offering 5 times greater strength through high-quality construction materials and a strict manufacturing process (over 100 quality control tests before leaving the factory).

Providing power up to 1500Amp in CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to ensure starting even in the most robust engines.

Offering the longest lifespan on the market, resulting in substantial cost savings on operation.

Requiring no maintenance due to our "maintenance-free" batteries.

Maintaining stable performance throughout the lifespan of our CAT® PHO batteries.

CAT® GD Line Batteries: Affordable Performance Without Compromise

Economical Batteries Without Sacrificing Performance

Manufactured to CAT® standards, they are a budget-friendly option when your equipment operates in less demanding conditions. Also ideal for mixed fleets.

Tips for Safe Battery Use

Battery Charge Check

Perform a charge check

Battery Inspection Before Installation

Inspect the battery before installation

Battery Recharge Verification

Verify battery recharge

Battery Discharge Rate Evaluation

Evaluate battery discharge rate

Temperature Check

Perform a temperature check

Storage in a Cool and Dry Place

Store your batteries in a cool and dry place

Caution with Starting Voltage

Be cautious of starting voltage using jumper cables

Safety Glasses Usage

Wear safety glasses during use

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